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CNC Block Lightening

Inside of the block water passages are digitized and committed to computer memory. This data is used to generate the desired surfaces of the outside of the finished, lightened block. The program used can be adjusted for the amount removed easily. This method gives consistent thicknesses throughout the lightened areas and maximum weight reduction. (i.e Iron is not too thick in one place and too thin in another, it's a uniform thicknes all over). Others doing this are either very expensive or have a very simple program that doesn't take off as much weight as is possible.

  maincap   On Big Block Chevy Engines we can lighten the main caps saving weight without reducing structural integrity. On Big block Chevys we can reduce 10 pounds just in the main caps.


CNC Block Lightening Rates

Current pricing per block type:

DART 9.4/9.6/9.8 BBC 32# $995
DART 10.2/10.6/11.2 BBC 35# $1245 (two setups)
DART 9.6/9.8/10.2/10.6 Pro Series BBC $1245 (w/lifter boss roughing)
DART BBC/SBC/IE MAIN CAPS $495...$99 each
DART BBC Inside bellhousing $295
DART BBC Total front of block $295
DART Ford 9.5/9.2/8.7/8.2 SBF $949
DART Chev SHP SBC 20# $549
DART Chev SHP SBC total rear of block $295
DART Chev Little M 28# $949
DART Little M Total front of block $295
DART 305 Sprint 32# $749
DART Rocket block 9.3/9.0/8.7 35# $1095(w/lifter boss roughing)
Brodix Chev SBC $949
Brodix Chev BBC $1095
MERLIN III 9.8, BBC 30# $1095
GM Mk IV Bowtie BBC 22# $995
GM 184 9.025 SBC 27# $949
GM 010/207/201/776 9.025 SBC 18# (No Valley) $495

Prices are for top and bottom only, front and/or back see pricing.

We perform lightening options at no extra charge per setup. For instance, leave motor mounts on or take off, leave on or take off oil filter, leave starter on or off, etc. Whatever you specify, we will do. We machine the blocks in one of four setups top, bottom, front, and back.

We can supply new blocks from DART, GM, Brodix, and PBM.

We can have your block picked up by our shipper, shipped to us, lightened, and shipped back to you. The block has to be strapped on a pallet and has to be loaded on and unloaded from a big(40') truck at your end.

We cannot be responsible for blocks that have cores shifted severely with the subsequent problems that entails. Special Programs Available Upon Request
Pricing subject to to change. Shipping not included.



Engine Rebuilds get a special discount on Dyno time. Ask for details