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Test Day Tools

Don't forget these items when you schedule testing:
Hand tools
Old dyno sheets
Headers and extras
Injector stacks and extras
Air cleaners (only if you want to test them)
Injector pills or carburetor jets
Injector nozzles and extras
Fuel pump and extras
Carburetor and extras
High speed bypass and extras
Low speed bypass and extras (if needed)
Suppression spark plug and coil wires (unless we have your type)
Extra ignition, distributor and coil, or magneto system
Ignition timing light
Extra oil filters ( Or we have)
Racing oil ( Or we have at $5.50 per quart)
Racing fuel
o Alcohol - 40 gal minimum or if we supply $3.50/gal
o Gasoline - 15 gal minimum or if we supply $10.00/gal
  last updated - 9/16/2011


Engine Rebuilds get a special discount on Dyno time. Ask for details