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New DART 305 CNC programs

Rock bottom pricing of $749 on the new DART 305 block for the ever more popular RaceSaver(r) sprint engine formula. If you and your race car are heavy why not lighten your block and take 32# off of the front of your car. This is legal according to RaceSaver(r) rules as long as you don't add any ballast to your car after lightening the block.

New CNC lightening programs - lower prices

HG Associates of Limerick PA invites you to lighten up your engine for next season. Rebuild season is an excellent time to take extra pounds off your engine and the front of your race car. Gain that extra rear weight percentage so beneficial to better handling and forward bite!

Whether you use HG for your rebuild or your own builder HG will work with him and use our CNC block lightening process to literally "shave" up to 45 pounds from your engine at prices ranging from $395 to $1095 depending on your application.

Inside of the block water passages are digitized and committed to computer memory. This data is used to generate the desired surfaces of the outside of the finished, lightened block. The program used can be adjusted for the amount removed easily. This method gives consistent thicknesses throughout the lightened areas and maximum weight reduction. (i.e Iron is not too thick in one place and too thin in another, it's a uniform thickness all over). Others doing this are either very expensive or have a very simple program that doesn't take off as much weight as is possible. Note: We cannot be responsible for blocks with shifted internal cores and the subsequent problems.



Engine Rebuilds get a special discount on Dyno time. Ask for details